About the insights

Insights to bring marketing closer to people, and people closer to marketing / RECAP

* In today’s marketing democracy everything should be available to everyone, every day.

* Don’t limit your field of competence to your market category; own the space where both people and your product live.

* Reward virtual co-creation with physical gratitude.

* Saying and showing enough is more seductive than saying and showing too much.

* Nostalgy is one of the most powerful element you can build in modernity.

* Mass marketing can be great if the first impression you give is that you want to help everyone, not sell to everyone.

* When your product benefit isn’t differentiating enough, benefit of people’s imagination.

* If collective buying power is stronger than ever, so should be collective pricing power.

* If you create ads that people can desire as the products they sell, they will last forever.

* Today, you can’t just sell to people. People are sold when they are entertained.

* Consumers are the new producers.

* Useful is the new cool.

* People don’t consume the product content only, but also the context around it.

* Think society, not marketing.

* Narrow-listening is as important as broad-casting.

* Think art as the ultimate quality level of your products.

* Promote story-building, not just story-telling.

* We don’t really matter to anyone, unless we make it matter for someone.

* Dare to re-think everything through the unique lens of your product.

* Answer people’s needs, not just consumers’ needs.

* Make your product as individual as individuals are.

* Focus on one to excite many.

* Share your brand with those who share your same values.

* Why talking to people, when you can let people talk?

* Be wherever you values are.


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