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Marketing and Art aren’t the same, but the best marketing should always be artful.

Audi has always cared for the smallest details of its products and designed each detail as if it was the product itself. Then why not trying to recreate the whole world of Audi on a small scale, so that everyone could immerse in it? The “Quattro Experience” was born: a collaboration with Slot Mods USA to recreate the Audi quattro’s all wheel driving experience through remote controllable A4 replicas and a  20ft x 7ft custom track full of bends and branded details.

Each slot car featured a four-wheel drive chassis and was outfitted with in-dash cams connected to a custom iPad Audi app to let “drivers” steer via a POV feed and onscreen controls.

A perfect marriage between top-notch, large-scale industry and individual handicraft, plus a demonstration that – sometimes – small-scale marketing can create emotions on a large scale.


Share your brand with those who share your same values.


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